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The Inspired Teacher Podcast

Aug 3, 2022

Welcome back to the Inspired Teacher podcast! The thoughts on today's episode come from Dave Burgess and his book Teach Like a Pirate. Be sure to check out more about Dave and all of his works at  

Jul 27, 2022

Welcome back to the Inspired Teacher podcast! Today's episode was inspired by Rick Alexander and his 21 Maxims to Maximize Your Life from his now-defunct podcast called The Morning Coffee Podcast. For more on Rick be sure to check out his website

Jul 5, 2022

Welcome to my new podcast adventure--The Inspired Teacher. This episode will give you a taste of the new format and inspirational message. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think!

May 9, 2022

Thanks for joining me for this episode--I think you'll love the guest! In today's episode, I discuss mindfulness and being present with Brian Aikens. Brian is a husband/father, educator, & competitor that walks the talk of mindfulness and his life and teaching have improved greatly because of it.